Friday, 31 January 2014

Assessment: Viva Voce (Instructions)

Dear Secondary 1 Students and Parents,

 The Secondary 1 Mathematics team will be commencing the Mathematics Viva Voce this week. This assessment aims to capture students' various forms of learning, and contributes a significant weightage towards the End of Year result. We will ensure that students are well prepared for this assessment, and at the same time would like parents and students to take note of the implications of late submission.


The various teachers will be instructing students to submit their assignments on various learning platforms. Here are the platforms specified by the various Mathematics teachers:

S1-01 (Ms Low Kwai Yin): Youtube

S1-02 (Ms Low Kwai Yin): Youtube
S1-03 (Ms Mimi Goh): Youtube
S1-04 (Ms Mimi Goh): Youtube
S1-05 (Mr Desmond Peh): Youtube
S1-06 (Mr Desmond Peh): Youtube
S1-07 (Mr Desmond Peh):Youtube
S1-08 (Mr Liu Yijie): Edmodo


This will be issued in Week 4 (refer to recent post), as a trial to iron out potential teething problems before the actual assessment. Deadline for submission is Friday 7 Feb 2359 hours. All students will be expected to upload their video submission to the required platform. Respective Math teachers will issue comments over the weekend, so that students will be prepared for the actual assessment in Week 7.


This will be issued in Week 6. The grade for this assignment will count towards the final grade. Deadline for submission will be 21 Feb 2359 hours. Late submission after 21 Feb 2359 hours and before 28 Feb 2359 hours will only receive 50% of the marks. e.g. an assignment which is graded 16/20 will only be awarded 8/20 if submitted during this period. Any submission after 28 Feb 2359 hours will receive 0% of the marks. e.g. an assignment which is graded 16/20 will be awarded 0/20 if submitted during this period. Any non-submissions will be treated as a disciplinary case. For further queries, please feel free to contact your child's Mathematics teachers at the following email addresses:

Ms Loh Kwai Yin (

Ms Mimi Goh (
Mr Desmond Peh (
Mr Liu Yi Jie (

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Notes: It Is A Sign!

This is the example of how the signs should be used. 

For learning purpose, you are required to understand when/how to use them. Wrong use will result in loss of marks in examinations.

Investigation: Recurring Decimals

We went through quite a number of examples of how a given fraction can be expressed as a recurring decimals.

Now, as a challenge, can you express a recurring decimal as fraction?

Let's go into discussion next week when you are back from holiday!

Practice: Viva Voce (Question)

This is a practice of the upcoming alternative assessment task (Term 1 Week X). Deadline for submission is on 7 February, 23 59 h.

We are going to do this Practice as Homework so that you have an idea how the assessment is going be like, and at the same time to iron out any potential technical issues.
Based on feedback from your seniors, this practice is going to be very helpful in preparing you for the alternative assessment.

The task is COMPULSORY, and you are to submit your work via the GoogleForm at the end of this page.

Topic: Number systems

Objective of Task: 
To demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and calculations through clear articulation and presentation of problem solving.

Instructions (I):
  • This is an individual task. Complete the viva voce practice on your own.
  • This is a reinforcement of similar questions based on the topic covered in class.
  • It will also help you to seek and articulate your understanding of concepts as you attempt to explain your approach and solution to the problem.
  • You should not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire task.

For this practice, you will need to record your work and upload on YouTube.

  • Explain how you will convert the number 91 from a decimal system to a binary system.
  • Explain how you will perform the simple arithmetic operation “91 minus 8” in binary.
 Instructions (II):
  • Research on how to count in binary system using the digits “0” and “1”.
  • Explain briefly, in your own words, on how a binary system works. You may choose to use any visualization tools to help explain yourself.
  • Work out and explain the solution clearly. You may choose to write it out, or use various software like Numbers to write your own script.
  • Do not simply read out the lines of the working. Instead, inform the audience: 
1.     how you identify the key information
2.     why you choose a particular method to solve the problem
3.     explain how the method works
  • Recording
    (a) In this practice, learn to use QuickTime Player to record your viva
    (b) Here are some ways that you can present your worked solution:
    • You may sit in front of the computer and show the working (on papers) as you explain how you solve or problem using the "movie recording" feature in QuickTime Player.
      Click HERE to view sample
    • You may present your work in KeyNotePages, PowerPoint Presentation, etc and use the "screen recording" feature in QuickTime Player to do the video recording.
      Click HERE to view sample
    • You may also use explain the problem on a whiteboard and have your classmates to help record using a camera or any other methods that you could think of
·       Remember to keep the file size small.
For technical consultation, please approach Mr Jonathan Chua, your ICT Teacher.
·       Submission of work
(a) Post your video clip in YouTube
(b) Under "Private Settings", select "Unlisted"
(c) Copy and paste the URL in the GoogleForm below

For students who are unable to activate the YouTube account (due to age limit, as you need to activate your Google+ account at the same time), you may seek help from your Parents to upload your work via their YouTube account

You may upload your YouTube URL here:

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Assignment: ACE Learning Quiz 1

I like to believe that everyone enjoyed the ACE-Quiz yesterday. It was fun, wasn't it?

 As mentioned before, you need to master the topic(s) that I taught in class well. It will enable you to solve more challenging questions and expose you to different expressions of questions.

 I know you are looking forward to the next one! So like what the movie Hunger Games did, I shall reveal the next round of excitement as follow.

Topic: Numbers
Duration: 30 minutes
Questions: 10

Stay prepared, and to ensure optimal performance from each of you, I shall present you my Smile of Luck!

You are required to start filing in your Topic 1 (if you have not done so) and Topic 2 past assignments into your file.

The content page will be issued today during lesson.

Ensure that you get your necessary corrections done before your parents acknowledge them (topic by topic).

Suggested solutions for your group assignment has been uploaded on GoogleSite. Do have a review and analyze where you went wrong.

It is very important to grasp your basics well as we are moving into Topic 3, and soon, numbers will disappear and algebra will step in.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Review: Topic 1

I would like everyone to review through the following workings done by your fellow schoolmates. In each case, you are required to state what went wrong and provide a solution.


  1. Has the student answered to the question? If not, what's wrong in the way the answer is presented?
  2. Is the overall working clearly presented to demonstrate the student knows what he/she needs to find? If not, how could the working/ presentation be improved?

Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

Case 4:

Case 5:

Remember to state CASE NUMBER, PROBLEM & SOLUTION for each question here. I will only allow ONE comment from each student.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Math-ters: Week 3


I hope my Math lessons have been enriching, fun and exciting for you. This is definitely not the end of the journey for I like you to work on a few things.

Due to time constraints, I am unable to do a full summary of Topic 1. Nonetheless, I am sure you have your notebook filled with a lot of information and key points.

Remember, concepts are very important! Do take time to revise and clarify with me this week should you encounter difficulties.

As mentioned in class, do remember to practice as it will be graded. For a good reference, do Google "SST 2013 S1-07 Viva Voce Practice". It will be a good guide for you to see how your seniors did it.

I will commence Topic 2 tomorrow. Are you ready to take on another new obstacle?

And of course, my motivation for you is...

Not forgetting, HOMEWORK IS TO BE DONE!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Notes: Square & Square Root

The following images are meant to reiterate what I have explained in class. I understand the confusion most of you are facing when it comes to understanding of basic concepts.

No pain, no gain! Strive on to understand these first. Higher level learning will step in very soon.

If you are still in doubt, I will cover these concepts again in greater (but fundamental) details.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Notes: Prime Factorization

For the benefit of students who did not manage to capture the summary, have this written in your A4 notebook.

This is the summary for Topic 1: Prime Factorization.

As more concepts will be introduced along the way, do clarify with me as soon as possible before it snowballs into a huge problem.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Matters: 8 January

Look at this, do you recall them without reference to your notes?

The introduction sheet, which was given to you yesterday, must be submitted to me by tomorrow. It is a way for me to familiarize with your learning needs so that lessons can be made interesting. And of course, submission is compulsory.

Your homework for today will be to read up Topic 1: Prime Factorization. This topic is a little tricky if you confuse with the two methods.

And also, complete the following pages on eNotes by Friday. Remember, excuses will not be accepted.
- Page 7 (Index Notation, Examples)
- Page 8 & 9 (Classwork: Tier A)

Don't forget to write your target marks on top right corner of your assignment!

The following students will be appointed as Math representatives of S1-05.
Math IC: Erica Soo
Math 2IC: Lucian Miles Ho

Math representatives will have to see me outside the Staff Room for a short briefing at 2 pm tomorrow. Bring along your LDs.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Notes: Primes


Remember to review through the Topic 1: Primes (page 2). You may wish to attempt Topic 1: Primes (page 3) for additional practice.

You are given an introduction sheet. Write about yourself and how you feel towards Math. And also, don't forget to submit two names to me on Thursday for the position of Math representatives.

All submissions are due the next lesson.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Welcome to S1-05 Math Class!

Hello S1-05!

First of all, a warm welcome to the SST family!

To warm you up, do visit the following links to familiarise yourself with the content. The links are provided for your convenience.

Like your class blog, it is a place for online learning and discussion. I have invited all of you as authors, so do accept that invitation (in your email).

Materials which are necessary for your classroom learning are all uploaded here. Do explore this site and I will explain again when class commences.

Lesson commences on Tuesday! See you!