Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Assignment: ACE Learning Quiz 1

I like to believe that everyone enjoyed the ACE-Quiz yesterday. It was fun, wasn't it?

 As mentioned before, you need to master the topic(s) that I taught in class well. It will enable you to solve more challenging questions and expose you to different expressions of questions.

 I know you are looking forward to the next one! So like what the movie Hunger Games did, I shall reveal the next round of excitement as follow.

Topic: Numbers
Duration: 30 minutes
Questions: 10

Stay prepared, and to ensure optimal performance from each of you, I shall present you my Smile of Luck!

You are required to start filing in your Topic 1 (if you have not done so) and Topic 2 past assignments into your file.

The content page will be issued today during lesson.

Ensure that you get your necessary corrections done before your parents acknowledge them (topic by topic).

Suggested solutions for your group assignment has been uploaded on GoogleSite. Do have a review and analyze where you went wrong.

It is very important to grasp your basics well as we are moving into Topic 3, and soon, numbers will disappear and algebra will step in.

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  1. Mr Desmond, the Orange file won't be available until after Chinese New Year.