Friday, 31 January 2014

Assessment: Viva Voce (Instructions)

Dear Secondary 1 Students and Parents,

 The Secondary 1 Mathematics team will be commencing the Mathematics Viva Voce this week. This assessment aims to capture students' various forms of learning, and contributes a significant weightage towards the End of Year result. We will ensure that students are well prepared for this assessment, and at the same time would like parents and students to take note of the implications of late submission.


The various teachers will be instructing students to submit their assignments on various learning platforms. Here are the platforms specified by the various Mathematics teachers:

S1-01 (Ms Low Kwai Yin): Youtube

S1-02 (Ms Low Kwai Yin): Youtube
S1-03 (Ms Mimi Goh): Youtube
S1-04 (Ms Mimi Goh): Youtube
S1-05 (Mr Desmond Peh): Youtube
S1-06 (Mr Desmond Peh): Youtube
S1-07 (Mr Desmond Peh):Youtube
S1-08 (Mr Liu Yijie): Edmodo


This will be issued in Week 4 (refer to recent post), as a trial to iron out potential teething problems before the actual assessment. Deadline for submission is Friday 7 Feb 2359 hours. All students will be expected to upload their video submission to the required platform. Respective Math teachers will issue comments over the weekend, so that students will be prepared for the actual assessment in Week 7.


This will be issued in Week 6. The grade for this assignment will count towards the final grade. Deadline for submission will be 21 Feb 2359 hours. Late submission after 21 Feb 2359 hours and before 28 Feb 2359 hours will only receive 50% of the marks. e.g. an assignment which is graded 16/20 will only be awarded 8/20 if submitted during this period. Any submission after 28 Feb 2359 hours will receive 0% of the marks. e.g. an assignment which is graded 16/20 will be awarded 0/20 if submitted during this period. Any non-submissions will be treated as a disciplinary case. For further queries, please feel free to contact your child's Mathematics teachers at the following email addresses:

Ms Loh Kwai Yin (

Ms Mimi Goh (
Mr Desmond Peh (
Mr Liu Yi Jie (

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