Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Matters: 8 January

Look at this, do you recall them without reference to your notes?

The introduction sheet, which was given to you yesterday, must be submitted to me by tomorrow. It is a way for me to familiarize with your learning needs so that lessons can be made interesting. And of course, submission is compulsory.

Your homework for today will be to read up Topic 1: Prime Factorization. This topic is a little tricky if you confuse with the two methods.

And also, complete the following pages on eNotes by Friday. Remember, excuses will not be accepted.
- Page 7 (Index Notation, Examples)
- Page 8 & 9 (Classwork: Tier A)

Don't forget to write your target marks on top right corner of your assignment!

The following students will be appointed as Math representatives of S1-05.
Math IC: Erica Soo
Math 2IC: Lucian Miles Ho

Math representatives will have to see me outside the Staff Room for a short briefing at 2 pm tomorrow. Bring along your LDs.


  1. Hi Mr Desmond , I just want to check.For the homework, the second question says 5 multiply by 5 multiply by 7. How do i say what i get which is 175 in index notation

  2. Hello Gavriel, refer to your notes, Topic 1: Prime Factorization. In particular, index notation.

  3. So i just write the number which is repeated and i put it to the power of how many times it is repeated right, then i multiply it with the other numbers, right?

  4. I would also like to check.What is E Notes?Is it the notes on the macbook or the SST lecture pad?Thanks