Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Assignment: ACE Learning Quiz 2

Hello everyone!

Your much anticipated moment has arrived! The quiz portal has been set up for you and you are given the opportunity to do it at home.

But before the quiz starts, I like to briefly mention some important instructions to you. Ensure that you read them properly!

1. Practice quiz is titled "S1 Numbers". This quiz will not be graded.
2. Actual quiz is titled "Numbers - DP". This quiz is graded.
3. Quiz will be open between 7 pm and 10 pm.
4. You are given 30 minutes to attempt. Once the time is up, the quiz ends automatically.
5. Write your workings on pieces of writing papers and submit tomorrow.
6. Failure to submit your workings tomorrow will result in ZERO marks.

Attempt the practice quiz on ACE Learning and topic review attached in your email.

For more information, refer to your email.

I hope you enjoy the quiz!

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