Monday, 24 February 2014

Assignment: Level Test (Solutions)

This is going to be a very hectic week but we will make it through together!

The solutions for the workbook assignment has been uploaded in GoogleSite. It is placed under Homework Solutions > T1W7 Algebra 2 (Solutions). You are reminded to complete the corrections and file it in.

The suggested solutions for the practice paper has been uploaded on GoogleSite. It is placed under Tests & Exams > Level Test 2012 (Solutions).

Do mark your assignment (and be strict) and complete your corrections beside it. If time allows, I will go through a few important questions at the end of the week.

File this paper in Topic 3 and label it as Level Test 2012 (Practice).

Complete the quiz paper which is placed on the teacher's desk. Allow yourself 30 minutes to complete the paper. You are to submit TOMORROW.

Class test is scheduled TOMORROW. You will be given 45 minutes to complete a 30-mark paper. Calculator is allowed.

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