Thursday, 20 February 2014

Math-ters: Week 7

There are a few important announcements here, so do pay close attention.

Your Viva Voce Assessment submission is due TOMORROW BEFORE 2359 H. I hope that you have already uploaded your video (with the correct settings).

You must submit via Google Form here. Other methods of submission will not be accepted. I will close the submission form exactly at 12 midnight. I will not extend or re-open the form as a 2-week period was given.

Your written assignment is due TOMORROW BEFORE RECESS. I will not expect any reasons, less excuses, in any form.

The weekend assignment (2 questions) will be posted here tomorrow. You are required to complete them on the various platforms by MONDAY.

The review class will be conducted in one of the lessons during school hours.

I will be sacrificing two lessons next week for a quiz and a level test practice next week. If everyone can work fast enough during lessons next week, I will be able to let you experience these papers under examination conditions. At the same time, you can have a feel of how well you will do.

I urge you to revise through the topics covered for Level Test.
- Topic 1: Primes, HCF and LCM
- Topic 2: Numbers
- Topic 3: Approximation & Estimation

And to help you achieve your targets, I will be sending out a "surprise" email tomorrow.

For your level tests,

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