Friday, 27 June 2014

Math-ters: Term 3

As lessons will resume next week, I like to put our plans in place (at least for Term 3 Week 1).

Your assignment for Percentage is due on MONDAY. Ensure that all questions are attempted on pieces of writing papers. Further instructions will be given out during class on Monday.

These set of papers are due on MONDAY. I hope you have followed the rules/instructions that I mentioned earlier in the email. Math representatives of each class are to collect this assignment and submit to me before 2.20 pm. Please separate them into Paper 1 and Paper 2.

The plan for first week of lessons will be as follow:
Lesson #1 - Review (Percentage)
Lesson #2 - Review (Percentage) / USS Paper 1
Lesson #3 - USS Paper 1 / USS Paper 2
Lesson #4 - Direct & Inverse Proportion

At the same time, I will be releasing information on Level Test 2 and EOY.
Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday! (:

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